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Kucoin Price and Dividend Calculator

Enter the number of KCS you own (or want to own), the trading volume of Kucoin, the circulating supply and an ROI (5% is the average) to bring up a price prediction for KCS


How this is calculated

Every day Kucoin pay a dividend of between 50% and 15% of the trading fees (depending on the 3 day average daily volume) to holders of KCS. Trading fees are 0.1% for both the maker and the taker. Although holders of 1000 or more KCS receive a trading discount, this has not been factored in.

The payment is split between every KCS holder in proportion to how many KCS they hold.

Dividends are paid in the crypto coins that are traded. eg a BTC/ETH trade will deliver 0.1% of both BTC and ETH to KCS holders.

The annual dividend does not take into account the rising (or falling) value of dividends paid. eg if on one day, a KCS holder receives 10c worth of BTC, and BTC subsequently rises in value x 2, then retrospectively that daily dividend is worth 20c.

Every quarter, Kucoin spend 10% of their profits on buying back KCS and destroying them. This reduces the circulating supply potentially raising both the dividend and the price.

The estimated price of a KCS is based on the historical value of the ROI which has generally averaged about 5%. The price does not take into account other factors which may effect the price of KCS including the state of the cryptomarket or hype/FUD on KCS or the Kucoin Exchange itself.